Greetings! This is Jiatong Shi (史嘉彤)’s homepage. I’m a second-year Ph.D. student at WAVLab, LTI, CMU. Visit me at


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Recent Focuses & Works

Here is a brief introduction to my recent focuses and works. I’m working on several brilliant projects these days including speech&music processing.

  • My main focus is on speech. I have been working with Prof. Shinji Wanatabe since 2019.09. We currently focus on learning useful speech representations and apply them to various speech applications. We also actively work together on the ESPnet.
  • I’m leading a group jointly working on music processing (e.g. automatic song writing, automatic music transcription, and singing voice synthesis).  We are focusing on singing voice synthesis recently. Please check our open-source Muskits (now merged into ESPnet) on Github. The work is advised by Prof. Qin Jin.

Life Records

ESPnet tutorial at JSALT2022

I held a tutorial session at JSALT2022 summer school with Leo Yang. During the workshop, Leo introduced S3PRL and I introduced ESPnet with several of our recent updates. So glad to know that many students are planning to use ESPnet after the tutorial~ The slides can be found at

The Finalist of AI Song Contest 2022 – Our Submission “Be With You”

Our submission “Be With You (与你同在)” has gotten into the finalist of the AI Song Contest 2022. The work is a collaboration with people both in the CS domain and in Music. You can enjoy the song at Jiatong · Be with you (与你同在)   Some technical details can be found in We are now in …

Publications & Awards

Publication (* for Equal Contribution)

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CMU Presidential Fellowship 2022
PhD fellowship at LTI, CMU 2021
Special Award in ‘National University Data-driven Innovation & Research Competition’ (1/594) 2018
National Level in ‘Training Programs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Undergraduates 2017
Scholarship of Academic Excellence (TOP 20%) 2016 & 2017 & 2018
Golden Prize in Beijing Art Festival of Undergraduates (Accordion Contest) 2016

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