Accordion Time

Since there is much work during the regular days, its nice to play the accordion with Z. Yao, a junior in Xian Musical Collage.  Recently, three pieces were transcript including famous pieces in Koei’s Three Kingdom 11 and Conan.

  • Breaking the Bamboo: when use a axis to chop a bamboo, it would be very easy if you get to the right direction. Similarly, we use “Breaking the bamboo” to depict an extremely smooth battle. The following music is working on it. Can you get the tense feeling combining with taste of victory?

  • The Harvest in Autumn: Falling colorful leaves and gaining golden grains. Autumn is the season with harvest and happiness. But where does the sorrow in the music come from?

  • Conan is one of my favorite animation during my childhood, do you want to have a fresh taste of it with accordion?

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