Journey of NetEase is Coming to an End

Six Montn ago, I joined AI group of Youdao Businssess Department in NetEase as a Machine Learning intern. It’s time to say goodbye now.

During the period, I mainly worked on a project of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL). Several improvements were achieved not only for the company but also for myself.

To be specific of my progress, I tested two possible new models to improve the original model (though proved to be failed…). In addition, I designed a scoring model which helps to scale the raw output from acoustic model so that the score can be given under a find distribution. Moreover, I implemented stress detection and intonation detection algorithms in the system. In the last month, a severe alignment problem was detected. On this issue, I applied a HCLG graph to handle it and reach a better result.

It had been a tough time for me to learning so much ASR, CALL and Signal Processing Knowledge. Besides, from the intership, I got a more clear mind on midium-size systematical design other than school’s assignments. Thanks very much for Yixuan Xiao, my mentor during the intership and Thanks a lot to Youdao~


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