Personal Statement for PhD Application

It has been a while since my PhD application. Though a personal statement (PS) only weighs a small portion of the entire application, it might be the most time-consuming one during the application. I’ve received tons of help when writing the PS. For the most, I want to thank Jonathan D. Amith, who is also a co-author in some of my papers. He takes the words very carefully and helps me through several rounds of revision. Many other people also kindly give some suggestions to the PS, including Shinji, Chao, Chunlei, and Xuankai. Meanwhile, I’ve also learned a lot from some people who shared their PS over the Internet. Therefore, I finally decided to post my PS on the website as well, in the case of helping people who would like to know my story. The current version is NOT the final version, but very close. Because at the last few days, we decide to use Word for revision instead of Latex (for easier use of my “reviewers”).

The PS can be found here

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